"The makeup is simply an extension of the
personality and colors, clothing, makeup all express something." -Gene

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Fashion 2011

Time to up date your wardrobe and get ready for fall! <3

My top pics for fall 2011-

-Layering I love this because it is a great way to utilize your wardrobe from summer and bring them into fall.

-cuffs- a super cute way to exercise, cuffs come in so many different styles to match anyones personal style ;)

-Maxi skirts- don't worry girls the Maxi skirts that we love so much arnt going anywhere. they were here for spring then into summer and are staying for fall!

-Plaids- plaids are a fall classic.

-Blue dress- The "little blue dress is now the new "little black dress" i definitely have to get my self one of these!

-Gold- There are so many amazing colors for fall including the "pop of color" trend that we love so much! The gold is definitely my fav!

-Hoop earrings- Basket ball wives had it right! I'm so excited that this trend is back!

-Metallic lids- you cant go wrong with this super sexy makeup look!

-Colored jeans- I love love this trend! especially in the red or blue! I love it!

-Knee High boots- My all time fav closet item! Boots! and i was so excited to see knee high boots on the run way for this fall!

Time to hit the mall! :)))

Friday, September 9, 2011

Eyeliner Rocks!

I wear eyeliner almost every day of my life! >.< I started at 15 with just black liquid all the way around my eye and in my water line with a very defined wing. I still pretty much use the same technique for my everyday looks,  but in the last few years I have had a chance to experiment with different types, colors and and styles.
Here are my top 5 eye liners in no particular order...

 -Mac Fluidline
15$ at MAC
Creamy and glides on smooth. Smudge proof gel liner. I apply this with a Sonia kashuk angled brush from Target. it can be applied on the lash line and water line and comes in many different very pigmented colors! use for an every day look or a pop of color. Love it! its my go to eyeliner.

 -Loreal HIP chrome eyeliner
-10$ found in most drug stores
 smooth application, this pencil comes in 5 shades and they have a nice metallic finish. last all day and are very pigmented colors.

- Coastal scents Gel liners
6.95$ at Coastalscents.com
pigmented, long lasting and smudge proof. Comes in 25 beautiful shades! I use these gel liner mostly as an eyeshadow base to make your colors pop! My fav color to use it 24k gold.

-Urban Decay 24\7 eyeliner pencils
18$ at UrbanDecay.com ULTA or Sephora
Creamy, long lasting, and waterproof. This pigmented liners are amazing for lineing the water line! some of my Fav eyeliner pencils! comes in many colors! Love these!

-Palladio eye ink
6$ at ULTA and Sallys beauty supply
For those that like liquid liner this one is great! and its very affordable. Glides on smooth and dark, easy to handle, no dipping. Just shake and apply. comes in 6 colors.