"The makeup is simply an extension of the
personality and colors, clothing, makeup all express something." -Gene

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Fashion 2011

Time to up date your wardrobe and get ready for fall! <3

My top pics for fall 2011-

-Layering I love this because it is a great way to utilize your wardrobe from summer and bring them into fall.

-cuffs- a super cute way to exercise, cuffs come in so many different styles to match anyones personal style ;)

-Maxi skirts- don't worry girls the Maxi skirts that we love so much arnt going anywhere. they were here for spring then into summer and are staying for fall!

-Plaids- plaids are a fall classic.

-Blue dress- The "little blue dress is now the new "little black dress" i definitely have to get my self one of these!

-Gold- There are so many amazing colors for fall including the "pop of color" trend that we love so much! The gold is definitely my fav!

-Hoop earrings- Basket ball wives had it right! I'm so excited that this trend is back!

-Metallic lids- you cant go wrong with this super sexy makeup look!

-Colored jeans- I love love this trend! especially in the red or blue! I love it!

-Knee High boots- My all time fav closet item! Boots! and i was so excited to see knee high boots on the run way for this fall!

Time to hit the mall! :)))

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